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Tune-Up & Virus Removal Combo $100.00
Was $138.00

A combination of our two most popular services, Laptop or Desktop Tune-Up plus Virus and Spyware Removal. These services combined will get your computer running like the day you brought it home new. Included are the following: Clean up computer, Speed up overall operations, Optimize OS, Fix common windows issues, Optimize system settings, Virus and Spyware Removal, Perform anti-virus & anti-spyware updates, Perform Windows updates.


Our Specialities


Kannapolis Computer Repair specializes in the repair of PC Based Computers, Laptops, Desktops, Towers and Tablets.

In addition, we customize and custom build desktop computers to meet your needs and specifications. We speed up slow running computers, remove viruses, spyware and malware, update and upgrade operating systems and get your systems running like new.

Kannapolis Computer Repair does this all in a timely manner and affordably.

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About Us

Just like people, sometimes computers get sick. When that happens, think of us as your computer′s personal physician. Whether you just want to give it a physical to check all its vital signs, give it a good cleanse to speed up its metabolism – or even if it′s already on life-support – we can help. If your computer is too sick to make it into our shop, we even make house calls. And unlike "people" doctors, if we can′t bring your computer back to health, you won′t receive a bill. It′s our "No Fix-No Fee" guarantee.

If it has anything to do with your computer, we have the only phone number you need.

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